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Tip Sheets

Updated: December 1st, 2020

Tips, and easy to understand step by step guidance on everything from creating a safe internal space, to reducing stress and anxiety.


Tip Sheets

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Reducing Family Stress

In our current climate we are seeing each other a lot more often than we may be used to. This can be a wonderful thing, but also challenging.  These simple tips can help to reduce the stresses that can arise, and keep us focused on supporting each other and remaining hoepful.


A Safe Internal Space

Imagine how helpful it will be, when faced with growing stress and anxiety, to be able to take a deep, slow breath and drop into a safe, relaxed and calm space inside you. In this space, connected to your 'observing self', you are able to consider experiences from a variety of perspectives, consider alternative ways of responding, and make choices that are best for you and for those closest to you. Such a space exists within each of us and it can become stronger and more accessible.


Effective Parenting Strategies

We are all creatures of habit, in how we think, feel and interact. In parenting, and in family systems in general, we fall into patterns of interacting - including patterns that have become reinforcing of a problem. The solution is to engage practices that can stand against the problem and shift the pattern - then, parents become the source of strength and positive change.

Managing Anxiety & Depression

Creating a strong and accessible 'safe space' inside us, provides a solid foundation on which we can build a more effective system for responding to anxiety, depression and illness in general.