About Me


I have over forty-five years of experience in counselling children, youth and adults. I have worked in a variety of hospitals, community mental health clinics and in my private practice, providing individual, group, couples and family therapy.

I have been educated and trained in person-centred, cognitive, narrative, compassion-focused, emotion-focused therapies. In addition, I completed training in hypnosis, EMDR (eye-movement desensitization & reprocessing, and NLP (neurolinguistic programming practitioner). This broad range of therapies allows me to offer an integrated model of counselling that is most effective in helping my clients to develop skills that will allow them to have better control over troublesome emotions and intrusive, negative thoughts. I am also a Certified First Responder Counsellor.

I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father and grandfather of four. I have learned – and continue to learn a great deal from all of these important relationships in my life.

I have lived with chronic pain since 1981 – I have also learned much from that relationship.

"change always comes - we can only choose how to respond"