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​    PUBLICATIONSHunter, D.; Webster, C.; Konstantareas, M. & Sloman, L. (1982). Children in Day Treatment: A Child Care Follow-up study. J of C&YC , 1;1 45-58 Hunter, Don S. Nicola: The use of sign language with a blind, autistic childChild & Youth Care Forum, 47 12: 321-336. December 1983 Hunter, D.S. and  Webster, C. D.(1984). Children in day treatment: A four to eight year follow up. J of C&YC , 2;1 27-40 Hunter, Don S. June 1989: The use of physical restraint in managing out-of-control behavior in youth: A frontline perspective. Child & Youth Care Forum, 53 18(2): 141-154  Hunter, Don S. and Armstrong, Harvey (1994). Establishing Group Supervision Within a Group Psychotherapy Program. J of C&YC , 9;4 51-62. Hunter, Don S. (1995). The Association Between Psychiatric Admission and Birthdays Among Inpatient Adolescents. J of C&YC , 10;1 43-55. Hunter, Don S. (2023) Chronic Pain: My Journey, Tellwell Publishers{The book received an 'Honourable Mention" at the LosAngeles, New York, London and Paris Book Festivals 2023}  

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