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A Balanced Life: Chronic Pain and Dreams

[Internal Dialogue]

"You are always thinking about and writing about chronic pain...what are the qualities and characteristics of your pain...then you have the nerve to say that you don't want to be defined by the does that make any sense at all? You need to know your pain so you can describe it to the docs...your 'care team' even though it rarely felt like a 'team'...this is part of every day...and part of most nights are dreams with parallel themes that have been with you since childhood...someone or something is after you...a faceless man/being chasing you towards a cliff or a pit of poisonous snakes - or you trying to fix something that you don't know how to fix (this also has a long history with many injuries along the way!)."

I'm curious about whether others who live with pain, and recall dreams with parallel themes?🙏🏼

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