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A Balanced Life: Balance in Parent/Child Relationships

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

There are not many parents who don't struggle with how technology is impacting the lives of the growing children. Over the past 10 years in particular, the amount of time our youth spend on their "screens", using multiple apps, various social media platforms, has become increasingly worrisome for caregivers. Many parents (who also may spend inordinate amounts of time on their screens) find that the only meaningful consequence for inappropriate behaviour of any kind, is to take away electronics for various lengths of time, which ends up aggravating the kids - often to the point of a 'tantrum'. Kids get angry, parents get angry and the relationships can become locked in a battle of wills - the nurturing, parent/child relationship, the attachment bond weakened. Continuing, stuck in this type of pattern of interactions, makes daily life difficult - balance is lost. The most important question from my perspective is; What has been lost that needs to be found again?

What has been lost is parent/child time together - in person, face to face, no electronics to distract! This critical time together is what facilitates positive growth in the family relationships. It is through this time together that parents share their knowledge, their wisdom, their morals and values - parents should be the most important role models for their children. This time together fosters connectedness, balance and enjoyment in the family relationships. So, instead of using "screen time"

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