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Don S. Hunter

A Safe Space To Heal

Providing integrated, individualized counselling services for children, youth, adults, couples, & families.
I am also a Certified First Responder Counsellor.

Experience in providing support for the following; anxiety, depression, mood regulation, self-injury, obsessions/compulsions, phobias/nightmares, school refusal, loss/grief, trauma related issues, PTSD, eating disorders, substance use, parent/child conflict, family breakdown, chronic pain and clinical supervision for therapists in private practice.

*All sessions are virtual through my secure OWL Practice platform.

"Change is always possible, even in a single conversation!"


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Treatment Philosophy

Change is always possible, even from a single conversation.

My primary responsibility is to provide the most effective treatment possible for you - according to YOUR needs.  Together we determine the nature of the problem that brought you to therapy,  unpack the problem's effects in the various areas of your life, identify your existing strengths and resources, and consider which therapeutic strategies could be most useful in reducing the problem's negative effects. 

​I believe it is important that I help you develop the ability to create a calm, relaxed & focused internal state, so that when you are faced with difficult choices - whether that has to do with school, work and/or relationship issues, the best path forward, becomes clear - and that, when you are experiencing moments of happiness, you experience them fully.

Developing a more positive relationship with your 'self', provides a solid foundation for growth in every area of your life!

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