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Don S. Hunter, MHSc., RSW, CYC, CHyp, CFRC,


Providing an Integrated Model of Virtual Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families.
With over 50 years of education, training and certification in a broad range of therapeutic modalities including; psychodynamic, cognitive, narrative, mindfulness
meditation, emotion-focused, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy. I work with clients of all ages to identify changes they are hoping to achieve from counselling and choosing specific strategies that could be most helpful, in the shortest amount of time - helpful for the general public, professionals and First Responders. 
I am available for a free 30 minute consultation over zoom.
Contact me by email at:


I recently published a book on living with chronic pain - information is below.


Available at Amazon
& Caversham Books

*Honorary Mention for this book received from the Los Angeles, the London (UK) and the New York Book Festivals 2023!


Developing and Strengthening a Safe Space Inside...
 In order to plan for and direct changes  to  help you to solve issues that get in the way of change.

I can help you with this!

Treatment Philosophy

Change is always possible, even from a single conversation.

My primary responsibility is to provide the most effective treatment possible for you - according to YOUR needs.  Together we determine the nature of the problem that brought you to therapy,  unpack the problem's effects in the various areas of your life, identify your existing strengths and resources, and consider which therapeutic strategies could be most useful in reducing the problem's negative effects. 

​I believe it is important that I help you develop the ability to create a calm, relaxed & focused internal state, (regardless of age) so that when you are faced with difficult choices - whether that has to do with school, work and/or relationship issues, the best path forward, becomes clear - and that, when you are experiencing moments of happiness, you experience them fully.

Developing a more positive relationship with your 'self', provides a solid foundation for growth in every area of your life!

Silencing that internal critic!


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