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An Unbalanced Life

Some thoughts about the issue of "trump". Using the analogy of a card game, any suite that is deemed to be trump, has the power over everyone! I can't help but think that anyone with the name trump, might think that having that name was indeed a message from God - that one is destined to have the power to override anyone else, to step on, eliminate, humiliate and discard anyone who has a different opinion about anything. As a trump, I am right and you are wrong; what I say goes; rules apply to everyone but me; things are simple and clear to me, I need to help everyone else to see that I am right; I know what needs to happen next. Others may accuse me of creating chaos, but on the contrary, I am creating order. Some may accuse me of being delusional but I can see a reality that is better for everyone, especially me! So, that's where we are going...enjoy the ride! [non of this is in reference to anyone one person in particular, living or dead]

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