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A Balanced Life: Stuck in Content

Just some thoughts, for what it’s worth!

We all experience a vast array of impulses, urges, thoughts, emotions, and fantasies, in response to things that we see, hear, smell, touch and contemplate – our internal and external worlds. Who is the one witnessing these experiences? I think it is the ‘I’ in ‘me, myself and I’ – observing and watching whatever the ‘I’ chooses to give attention to. I think about this minute-by-minute process and realize that this witness to my life is what Arthur Deikman labelled the “Observing Self” (the watcher within us) and what Thomas Moore called the “Original Self” (that core part of us we are born with). The ’I’ in me and myself, is my Original Observing Self, calm, wise and protected from that which I experience. I can choose to make this core aspect of myself, stronger, wiser, and more in control of the hundreds of choices I make, every day. My original observing self, becomes stronger and wiser, every moment I spend in this ‘self’, which I imagine as a quiet space right behind my navel – calm, relaxed, and observing.

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