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A Balanced Life: Strengthening One's "Observing Self"

Within our mind's abode, our observing self has been present and available, since our beginning. Defined as that conscious part of our mind that can pull back from our present, see the variety of perspectives on an issue or situation, and consider the best step forward. Our observing self (OS), as it pulls back from the context considered, the OS can create any distance required to avoid allowing negative thoughts and powerful emotions to overwhelm. There are a number of techniques for promoting this skill (using such metaphors as a bird's eye view, looking through binoculars/telescope, from in the clouds, etc.). Knowing that one cannot be completely objective about any context - a view from the OS is the most objective perspective one can develop. It is often negative thoughts and troublesome emotions that impact our choices - their aim is to take control, leading too often to not so good choices. When one is able to develop and strengthen one's OS, through connecting with it at some point every day, more positive and productive choices will be made.

The OS can become stronger and more skilled, when it understands that, from its observing position, it has access to all one's parts, including, emotions, cognitions, imagination, wisdom and most importantly, to the subconscious mind (SC). This, from my perspective, is where habits are developed and reinforced - and the intention behind habits (negative and positive) is self protection - though it is clear that many habits can become more self destructive than protective (from biting nails, to drug abuse). So, to be able to feed our more positive habits that actually do protect the self (mind, body and spirit), our OS and (SC) need to be on the same page. As the OS and SC work together, towards the feeding and maintaining of habits that will facilitate movement in the direction one wishes to go, one experiences increased mindfulness, energy, motivation, enjoyment and hope that one is moving toward their goals. The most important relationships in one's life; family, friends, one's self, the broader environment, will become so much more satisfying, and the OS, understanding the changes within and without, that the self has some control over, and changes that it doesn't, will lead to feeling more balanced and grounded.

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