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A Balanced Life: Resolution-Focused Practice

There is a ritual I have come to practice, when I have issues (problems) that require attention and/or a solution – and there are many of those! When I ‘notice’ the issue, as it comes to mind, I accept it, recognizing that it requires attention. When I try to ‘put it off’, it becomes a ‘worry’, returning to my awareness like an incessant mosquito, which can lead to ‘rumination’, negatively impacting everything. It is important to keep in mind that the resolution I reach, is often not the ‘solution’ I had hoped for, but it will be the best path forward. So, below is my ritual:

1. Issue comes into my awareness – I connect with my breath

2. Deep, slow, diaphragmatic breaths – I drop into my quiet, safe space behind my naval and

a relaxed-calm spreads through my body)

3. There I connect with my ‘observing self’ – seeing issue from various perspectives (creating

distance when needed to soothe emotion – rational & wise mind)

4. Consider potential resolutions and the possible consequences – positive self-talk

5. Decide on best move toward resolution – return focus to breath and move on

When I have completed this ritual, which I would call insight meditation, as compared to a simple noticing meditation. I always feel like I have accomplished something important, I feel more at ease, more balanced. Routinely using a ritual such as this, leads to it becoming a more automatic process, which will serve to strengthen your overall sense of wellness and the foundation of your practice.

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