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A Balanced Life: Relationship Adjustments

All close relationships require adjustments from time to time - sometimes more often than other times. When we get busy with work and stress builds, our primary outlet for sharing our woes, are those we live with, partners, children and close friends. When we share our struggles, it is important that significant others are able to understand what we are going through so, we need to work on our ability to offer validation and support. Feeling validated and supported in a relationship is not a "given" - particularly when each person experiences struggles, outside of that relationship. Establishing routine opportunities to share thoughts and emotions around a variety of topics and issues, is of the utmost importance, if relationships are going to continue to grow. We need to make ourselves available to each other (by scheduling time together), we need to be able to rely on each other to follow through, and both parties need to be fully engaged (mindful) during these moments - these times are intimate times, that will enhance the loving relationship. When we look back on how the past week has gone, it is important to be able to say that there was enjoyable time together that reinforces that we are there for each other.

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