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A Balanced Life: Quiet and Connected

Through all my hospital, clinic, private and personal work over many years, I have consistently stressed the importance of acting from a place I now refer to as a 'quiet connection' - previously 'safe space'. There is a space inside each of us, perhaps the original space, where memories and imagination meet and where our original observing self, still exists.

This space is easily buried by stress, anxiety and trauma but can be resurrected and strengthened, which only requires a little time spent in that space, every day. When you drop into this space, there is a reaction, like a drop of water in a pool - it resonates through the body, mind and spirit. Our conscious and subconscious minds join together, realizing the inherent value of this sacred space - the value to our overall well-being. In this space we can see experiences from different perspectives, we can consider choices and potential consequences of those choices for self and other, we can visit with loved ones we have lost - cherish memories, resolve old conflicts and have new conversations. This space can be a sanctuary - quiet, calm, peaceful - a way to honour our loved ones and take care of ourselves. This space is always available, reachable through a single breath! Every time we drop into this quiet, connected space, it becomes stronger and more easily accessed - drop in will be amazed!

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