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A Balanced Life: Out of Control

I can only 'balance' that which is within my control - what transpires outside of my immediate world, is not something I can change, despite the impact they can and do have on me. The very troubling increase in violence here and abroad. Wars that continue to rage on, mass murders that occur with increasing regularity (39 mass shootings in the US this year already!), and the daily lives lost to violence here at home, are frightening! These are all events that the media (everywhere) latch onto, sensationalize, and display repeatedly for our eyes and ears, to watch and listen to every day. This upsurge in violence seems to include random acts, gang related acts, and domestic/familial violence. I am fearful of what my children and grandchildren will have to cope with in the future, should this trend continue. Does the media not have a responsibility to present the public with balanced, fact-based perspectives on events, rather than sensationalizing so many 'horror' stories? There is clearly powerful competition between news organizations - who can get a story out faster, who can make the story most compelling (sensational), how can we present this in a way that draws in more viewers/readers - this seems to be their focus, rather than presenting the facts of a story and refraining from stretching the truth and wild speculations. When I stay focused on all this (like right now!), it becomes stronger, so much more troublesome for me, as I don't want my grandchildren to be left with a legacy of fear and hopelessness. For me to achieve balance in my life, I have to limit my own exposure to the vast array of media - particularly watching news reports on TV and streaming online - reading only reports that will keep me informed. I stand in support of all attempts to change this trajectory - supporting organizations that are committed to non-violence, supporting gun control laws, signing petitions that are sent to local government officials speaking with my grandchildren about non-violence, and keeping myself balanced and grounded, focused on all that is beautiful in this life. I am reminded once again of my most important mantra - What I focus on, I make stronger!

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