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A Balanced Life: No Time Off from Pain

Unfortunately, pain does not seem to care what special day it may be - Christmas, Hanukah, Mawlid al-Nabi, Birthdays and so on. In reality, physical and emotional pain can often peak during celebratory times - a different kind of stress can often increase the intensity of many types of pain. The expectation that one should be happy and joyful during these special times, is an expectation from loved one's and ourselves, which can be very upsetting when we cannot deliver such happiness and joy. I have found the most important mindset for me is one that remains focused on acceptance that the pain is not going anywhere, resting in a relaxed and calm space, being mindful and supportive of the happiness others are experiencing, smile, express my love for others, and take a few moments to myself to strengthen this mindset through self-compassion. I can look back on the day, knowing that I engaged as much as I could and found some moments of joy to remember.

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