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A Balanced Life: Letting Go

"Just let it go." It is so much easier to say these words than to actually practice this process, but it is an important practice. In the history of the world, hatred has never led to anything but oppression, hostility, aggression and war. When one person, one family, or one community are steeped in hatred of others, that hate grows, impacting every area of their lives and the blame, for all their pain, is aimed at those hated. One of the big mistakes of our democracies is the value placed on freedom of speech, as those who hate, have taken that as a licence to share their hatred as widely as they wish. People of all races and cultures need to feel safe from all forms of oppression, persecution and aggression, which has infiltrated our democratic process. We see it and feel it in families, in communities, and in our politicians who have the power to change things. It is unacceptable to witness the expression of anger and rage, the lack of respect displayed between so many of our political leaders in the public forum. It should not okay to say anything you want! The media in general, and social media in particular have to be given the mandate to censure oppression and hatred, understanding that absolutely nothing positive will come from continuing to allow such expression - it only causes hurt and pain and retaliation, feeding a vicious cycle that ends up in destruction. We need to let go of anger and hatred, if we are going to find find a path to a more just society where everyone can live in peace. I know...easier said than done!

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