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A Balanced Life: "Aftermath"

It seems that in the aftermath of the three year, worldwide pandemic, we are experiencing a significant increase in anger, aggression and violence - in our families, on our streets and in our schools. That people are angry about what we all lived through, is understandable - it makes sense - as COVID 19 killed millions worldwide; isolated many parents, children and employees, living within their core families 24/7; and experiencing significant, unavoidable loss of loved ones, and loss of small businesses; while BIG businesses continued to make record profits - how is that okay? Does that not make your blood run cold? No wonder there is so much anger, aggression and violence - the anger has to be expressed somehow - but when anger is expressed through aggression and violence, people get hurt and families destroyed.

I was thinking that the pandemic could be viewed as a natural disaster, but when I look at other such disasters, the painful aftermath is more often folks responding with compassion, doing whatever they can to help, including governments and big business providing whatever is needed to repair and rebuild. Where is that compassionate response for a disaster that lasted more than three years? Thousands of small businesses were lost and thousands more continue to struggle to remain afloat. Hospitals and health care systems stretched beyond their limits and our compassionate health care workers, overworked and underpaid.

We need our government and large businesses to respond to this disaster with more compassion and financial aid - whatever it costs - because without that I am afraid that anger, resentment, aggression and violence will continue to rise and our young people will feel increasingly hopeless.

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