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A Balanced Life: A Broken System

What has happened to the notion of "fairness" in our system of government? IT has appeared to change from "for the people, by the people" to "for the politicians and big business, by the politicians and big business owners". It is so unfair to the rest of us! It seems clear that our leaders are invested in three things: holding onto power; holding onto wealth; and making it look like they are doing their best for "the people", by making promises that we buy into, and they never keep! With the politicians and big business owners (who donate to the politicians campaigns) making decisions that are in their best interest and trying to make it look like they are doing us a favour - "We could have raised your taxes by 10% but, to be fair, we are only going to raise them 3%. "Oh thank you so much!!

I don't pretend to know politics and government, and certainly not 'big business'. But it occurs to me that what would be fair to the people of Toronto, would be to set a 1% City Tax(for repairs, housing, poverty, etc) for all Toronto citizens who have a gross annual income of over $100,000 dollars (everyone under that is exempt) and, 1% of the gross profits that businesses in this city earn each year - NO LOOPHOLES FOR ANYONE. I am guessing that this is just too simple for a complex system but it strikes me as actually "fair". If my annual gross income is $120,000 then my City Tax would be $1200.00. If I make $2,000,000 gross income I would pay $20,000 City Tax and, if I were a bank who make $200,000,000 annual profit, they would pay $2,000,000 to the City Tax. In my mind, as simple as it is, this seems, not only fair, but the majority of City issues could be fixed.

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